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Be the first among your friends to wear this stunning fashion statement and conversation piece that has been drawing great interest in fashion circles and among Hollywood celebrities! We are proud to bring these popular handmade European bracelets to you with unmatched quality and very affordable prices.

  • Unique bracelets and necklaces made of reindeer (caribou) leather
  • Handmade by indigenous Sami and Lapland artisans from Sweden
  • Braids of pewter and copper wire mixed with leather, silk, Swarovski crystals, silver, gold, and glass
  • Handmade antler button from shed reindeer antlers, or exclusive pewter button
  • Outstanding workmanship with full warranty and money back guarantee
  • Popular all over the world but hard to find in stores
  • Many colors, sizes and styles in ¼ inch to 2 inch width
  • Vegetable tanned (with bark) reindeer leather without chrome
  • Pewter/silver wires and buttons are maintenance free, nickel- and lead free
  • Shipping from Boston, USA, or Sweden

Men and women of all ages enjoy wearing the comfortable and durable Lapland or Sami Bracelets. New designs and colors continue to delight our customers. We are happy to take custom orders.

Sofia Dickens Sofia Dickens
Sizing: Add ½ inch (13 mm) to your wrist measurement to find your size in the size chart. Bracelet is measured without the loop. The soft but strong leather will stretch a few mm over time. Necklace should lay flat around the base of the neck. See Size Chart   Bracelets Size Chart

Bracelet sizes
Size = wrist size plus ½ inch (1 - 1½ cm)
Bracelet is measured without the loop.

Inches   Cm    Sizes
6 Ό”   16 cm    XXS
6 ½”   16.5 cm    XS
6 Ύ”   17 cm    S
6 ⅞”   17.5 cm   S+
7 ⅛”  18 cm    M
7 Ό”   18.5 cm    M+
7 ½”   19 cm    L (Men's S)
7 ⅞”   20 cm    XL (Men's M)
8 Ό”   21 cm    XXL (Men's L)
8 Ύ”   22 cm    Men's  XL
9"   23 cm    Men's XXL 

Necklace sizes:

Inches   Cm    Sizes
15”   38 cm    S (Women's) 
15 Ύ”   40 cm    M (Women's)
16 ½”   42 cm    L (Women's)

Ordering: Click on Shopping Information. Please contact us for information about more sizes, colors, and designs, and how to place an order for out-of-stock items. Certain colors and sizes might have to be custom ordered from Sweden. 

Maintenance: Taking off the bracelet before showering or swimming is recommended. However, getting it wet occasionally does not damage it. Polishing is normally not required but the sterling silver beads can be polished with a dry silver polish cloth if tarnished. The bracelet can be washed with a mild detergent and water if dirty. The spun pewter wire will flatten down and take on a silver-like shiny patina if bracelet is worn often.

  Crissy Ceratani

Materials: The stunning Sami Jewelry has been handmade of soft vegetable-tanned reindeer leather or top grade lamb skin (only a few colors). The button is handmade of shed reindeer antler. We also offer a handmade one-of-a-kind 99.9% silver button. Swedish reindeer are domesticated and shed their antlers anually. The nickel-free pewter wire is an alloy with 4% silver, spun around a strong synthetic sinew thread. It has a spectacular sparkle in sunlight.

Some braid styles are made with enameled colored copper wires, pearl silk thread, sterling silver, 14K gold, and glass beads, Swarovski crystals, and leather cords - always mixed with spun pewter wires.

Henrik Lundqvist
Hockey goalie Henrik Lundqvist named one of the World's 100 Most Beautiful People by People magazine 2006.
  Sofia Dickens  
Sofia Dickens Bracelets Sheryl Crow Bracelets

History: SwedArt’s™ aboriginal Sami artisans reside near the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden. Sami People with a 10,000 year old history live in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Kola Peninsula in Russia and lived on the land before the rest of the Scandinavians arrived. There are 17,000 Sami (formerly called Laplanders) in Sweden today. Approximately 3,000 own herds, sometimes with thousands of domesticated reindeer (caribou), and reindeer husbandry is their livelihood. Only Sami can own reindeer in Sweden so we support the small indigenous Sami People by buying products made of traditional Sami materials like reindeer leather and reindeer antler. Their unique craft items are admired and sought after worldwide.

Sami embroidery with pewter wire on reindeer leather and fabric has been done for hundreds of years in the Sami culture, and Sami actually invented the spun pewter wire. In the old days, they melted tin to make the wire and then spun it around reindeer sinew entirely by hand. Today, the wires are spun on a small machine.


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